Shoshinkan Shinkendo Dojo is the only authorized branch of the International Shinkendo Federation located in Massachusetts and the New England States.


Shoshinkan Dojo

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Study of Japanese Swordsmanship has become very popular in the twenty-first century, but qualified schools and instructors are rare. Many people do not know where to look, or even what to look for, when considering instruction in Japanese Swordsmanship. 

The Dojo 

Jinsei Shinkendo

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Shinkendo offers us a way to pursue truth with full sincerity and deep commitment, and to improve ourselves spiritually and physically. This should be one’s constant goal in life. Obata Kaiso teaches us, “Jin-Sei Shinkendo,” or “Life is Shinkendo.” For more on Shinkendo, please visit the Shinkendo Hombu Dojo website. 

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Shinkendo Bugei


Only Shinkendo involves study of each of the five important aspects of swordsmanship: Suburi, Battoho, Tanrengata, Tachiuchi, and Tameshigiri. This allows for one to view the techniques from a larger perspective and pursue them deeply.

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