Jamal Thorne, Shidoin

Jamal Senpai has been practicing Shinkendo for over eight years. As an advanced practitioner of both Shinkendo and Toyama Ryu, Jamal is a pillar of the Shinkendo Boston dojo. He is the dojo's most senior student and helps lead all other students in the Shinkendo way. 

Jamal is an Assistant Professor of Art at Boston's Northeastern University. He holds a Master's of Fine Art from Northeastern University. When Jamal isn't swinging swords or drawing, he spends time with his wife Helena, also a Shinkendo student, and their two dogs. 

Chris Marti, Kenshuin

Chris Senpai has practiced Shinkendo for four years and aids Shaffee Sensei and Jamal-senpai in ensuring that all junior students receive safe, consistent training during Shinkendo practice. Chris created and maintains the Shinkendo Boston website and Twitter account. 

Chris is a product manager with a Bachelor's in Business Administration from Boston University's Questrom School of Business. For over nine years, he has developed and managed industry-leading solutions that help solve the complex manufacturing, distribution, and retail challenges of bringing branded product to market. 

Yeelin Bacchus, Kaikeishi

Yeelin Bacchus, a lifelong Shinkendo practitioner, leads all dojo administrative tasks including, but not limited to, the collection and tracking of all monthly dojo dues, the collection of annual International Shinkendo Federation (ISF) dues, and the management of incoming students. She is instrumental in organization of seminars with Obata Kaiso and private classes with Shaffee Sensei.

Yeelin is currently a Junior at Hingham High School who enjoys rowing, environmental awareness, and sticking up for the Bacchus family dog, Sully.