Shinkendo was founded by Master Toshishiro Obata and is dedicated to the study of authentic Samurai Swordsmanship. The name, Shin (sincere, serious or truth) – Ken (sword) – Do (the way ) can be interpreted as meaning, "The way of the true sword." 


Students learn the history and traditions of the Samurai and learn practical, real combat techniques passed down from centuries of battle-tested methods. Shinkendo is as much a philosophy as it is a form of martial art. 

Shinkendo offers a way to pursue truth with full sincerity, deep commitment, and to improve ourselves spiritually and physically. This should be one’s constant goal in life. Obata Kaiso teaches us, “Jin-Sei Shinkendo,” or “Life is Shinkendo.” 



Shinkendo is focused on the five core techniques that comprise a meaningful study of sword martial arts: 

  • Suburi
  • Battoho
  • Tanrengata
  • Tachiuchi
  • Tameshigiri

Learn more about each in Shinkendo's "About" Page.