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Shinkendo Boston Summer Seminar

  • Shinkendo Boston 90 Tyler St, Stuie 31 Boston, MA USA (map)

こんにちは、真剣度か!Hello, Shinkendoka!

All students are strongly encouraged to attend the Shinkendo Summer Seminar on July 22, 2018. The event begins at 9:00 AM sharp and will end at 3 PM. Please arrive early to change and prepare for a timely start. 

The seminar will cover a variety of techniques, including:

  • Bojutsu
  • Shinkendo
  • Nitoken

Any students preparing for a rank test will also be gauged on their preparedness, form, and discipline commensurate with their anticipated rank. 

Snacks and light beverages will be provided to help fuel any hungry samurai. 

The cost to attend is USD $50. Please bring checks or, if possible, exact cash. Proceeds will be reinvested into the dojo to help fund future events. 

頑張ってね!Good luck!