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Community Service: Hingham Hydrant Refurb

Shinkendo is as much a philosophy as it is a martial art. In addition to seminars and demonstrations, Shinkendo Boston believes firmly in giving back to society in a positive, impactful way. 

Shinkendo Boston has teamed up with America's Eagle Scouts to help refurbish the fire hydrants in Hingham, MA. Public fire hydrants are critical safety infrastructure and it's imperative that they function correctly and are painted brightly so that responders can identify them easily during an emergency. 

Shinkendo Boston invites all of its Shinkendoka, as well as any guests or community members that would like to help with this project. On Saturday morning, August 12, we'll be making our way to Hingham to begin our assistance. 

Jinsei Shinkendo!

P.S. Please view the video linked below to brush up on fire hydrant refurbishment techniques!